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"Salberg & Company P.A. has provided auditing services for several of our publicly-held audit clients over the years. The firm is highly technical and the staff are efficient, timely, and easy to work with. Our clients' audit process went smoothly and it has been a pleasure working with Salberg & Company on many occasions. The staff all have very strong accounting skills and are a valuable asset to management. I highly recommend the team at Salberg & Company, P.A. to any publicly-held or private company."    - Chief Financial Officer

"Salberg & Company, P.A, is an excellent choice for small to mid-cap companies. Before going off on my own, I worked at another regional accounting firm that also specialized in auditing public entities. Today, I assist companies by performing CFO type duties including audit preparation. Salberg & Company is the auditor of choice for some of our mutual clients and the firm is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with."     - Certified Public Accountant

"I've worked with Salberg & Company on some mutual clients for the last several years. They consistently demonstrate an outstanding grasp of accounting and SEC standards and know what it takes to get the job done. Their depth of expertise has been a real asset."    - Chief Financial Officer

"Salberg & Company, P.A. was the auditor for a public company during the period that I served as Audit Committee Chairman for the Board of Directors. The audit team was effective and strongly independent during a difficult period and did good work for the many constituents of the company. They were always informed regarding emerging accounting issues and provided excellent input to Audit Committee discussions and on questions of accounting policy. I would recommend the firm to any public or private company."    - Audit Committee Chairman

"In the difficult regulatory environment that we are faced with, Salberg & Company has significant experience in dealing with SEC and GAAP compliance and reporting issues. This is of great benefit for parties trying to negotiate the various landmines of being an officer of a publicly traded company. I highly recommend the team at Salberg & Company."    - Certified Public Accountant and Corporate Officer